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NFL Update 2: Who Is The Eighth?

Looks like we got a few more names on WaterPillGate. Jay Glazer is reporting that the two Minnesota Williamses - Pat and Kevin - both tested positive for whatever it is people are testing positive for these days. That'll put a decent-sized hole in their defensive line. Glazer also says Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jackson is on the list. Add that information to what we already have and we know 7 of the 8 players of those who tested positive, including a whooping 5 of which earn their income from the defensive line. Are they trying to distract the offensive line by peeing on them or something? Washington 9, Detroit 10. Detroit fans, do you feel foolish yet for refusing to see your team play in person? Give it another few minutes and you won't. (Edit: Told ya, 'Skins up 15-10.) Kansas City 17, NY Jets 14. Maybe the Chiefs lucked into finding their new quarterback, as Tyler Thigpen looks pretty good so far, hitting 15 of 20 for a pair of touchdowns. Atlanta 7, Philadelphia 17. Perhaps seeing Westbrook back in the lineup, Donovan McNabb remembers how to run and trots for a rushing TD. San Diego 17, New Orleans 23. The frogs are getting their pounds' worth in this one as the Brees Mole continues reaping his revenge. But Philip Rivers has punched the facial imperfection back with a pair of his own TDs. St. Louis 13, New England 13. After last week's encouraging performance, Matt Cassel goes back to playing like Matt Cassel. Buffalo 16, Miami 10. Slow and steady wins the race. Tampa Bay 6, Dallas 10. Roy Williams puts the Cowboys ahead at the end of the half, and yet Brad Johnson still only has 57 yards passing. Arizona 17, Carolina 3. On 4th and 14, Ken Whisenhunt decides to pull the old fake field goal, and hilariously fails. More importantly, to describe another team using a timeout to "ice" the kicker, Matt Vasgerian breaks out the phrase "clock block". Large man Tim Hightower muscles in for another TD. Oakland 3, Baltimore 16. Break up the dynastic Ravens offense! Flacco throws for a 70-yard TD.


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