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NFL Update 3: Like A Kid Out There

Like a stupid child, Brett Favre just couldn't stop throwing the football to the other team today, giving away 3 interceptions (one of them as bad of a pick you'll ever see) against a Chiefs team that isn't - how would one put this? - very good. And that was before they lost their starting RB for some poorly-timed woman-spitting. We still got a few wild games going on, but let's run through the finals for you first. Kansas City 24, NY Jets 28. Winning despite Favre, who had three interceptions on the day. That said, since they won and Favre led the team down for the game-winning drive, no one will care about his careless plays. Buffalo 16, Miami 25. Thou cannot stop Ted Ginn, who goes off for 175 yards receiving. Also: What's with all the safeties? St. Louis 16, New England 23. Well, look at that. Matt Cassel leads the Pats down for a late touchdown that ultimately ends up being the game winner. He growns up and he growns up and he growns up. Oakland 10, Baltimore 29. Congratulations, Ravens fans? Tampa Bay 9, Dallas 13. Garcia converts on a pair of 4th down conversions during the final drive, but can't get a 3rd as the Cowboys squeak away with a victory. Washington 25, Detroit 17. It was probably for the best you missed this, Lions fans. Arizona 23, Carolina 27. Pretty wild one here. A blowout got interesting quick, with the Panthers scoring two TDs in the span of a minute. Boldin put the Cards ahead with his 2nd TD of the day, but the Delhomme-Smith connection struck again for a 65-yard TD to recapture the lead for good. And the games that will just not ever end: Atlanta 14, Philadelphia 20. Westbrook comes back strong, almost like he never left with over 170 total yards. San Diego 30, New Orleans 37. Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast. Will England respect our country at all after seeing we can't defend anything?


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