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NFL Voids Jim Haslett's Contract

Well, this is certainly some unexpected news. Jim Haslett, the hot-headed interim coach of the Rams who signed a contract with the team guaranteeing they remove the "interim" label next year if he wins 6 games, was just informed by the league that the contract no longer exists! Because they tore that piece of crap up! Try signing a real contract next time, jerkwad! According to the completely-right-in-everything-they-do NFL league office, the contract is in violation of the Rooney Rule, the rule that states a minority must be interviewed for any available head coaching positions. By basically giving Haslett the job next year - the Rams need only 4 more wins to reach his 6 plateau - they're taking another job out of the pool for minority coaches. Also the NFL says this is different from the Colts and Seahawks situations - who both already have coaches lined up to take over next year - because they named their successors during the offseason. What double standard? In any case, if the Rams want Haslett for the job, they'll get him next year. They'll just have to spend a few minutes interviewing a minority candidate while Haslett waits in the next room with his pen hovering above the dotted line. That won't be awkward at all! Rams not yet able to hire Haslett full-time as league voids contract [CBS Sports]


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