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Sorry if I don't get to your team's game... I can only watch so much of this at once. I'm sure you'll make terrific use of the comments, though. By the way, the NFL is back... and it makes me feel tingly in my man areas.

• There's always one team who starts the season on the worst possible note. You spend months and months looking forward to the season, working yourself into a maniacal frezy, and then kickoff comes... and on the next play, your star quarterback gets drilled, fumbles, and London Fletcher picks it up and takes it to the house, 12 seconds into your season. Ouch. Sorry, Pats fans.

• The Texans opened things up with a nice touchdown drive against the Eagles, which I enjoyed. The color guy even called it the "best drive in Houston Texans history." Which is probably accurate.

• The Coors Light commercials with Dick Vermeil and Bill Walsh... I'm a fan. I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but there are Coors Light commercials that I enjoy.


• The Lions took a 3-0 lead on Seattle, prompting Rod Marinelli to head to the sidelines, pick up the phone, call Roger Goodell and ask him him if the Lions can just call it a season right now. Just quit while there ahead.

• C.C. Brown, Texans safety, bit on a Donovan McNabb playfake like Marv Albert on an old woman's titty. It was a nice playfake, to be sure, but this guy took himself about 30 yards out of position, letting Donte Stallworth streak wide open to the endzone.


• Total Yards: Falcons 274, Panthers 63.

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