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• Has anyone ever called a Week 2 retirement press coference before? Brett Favre might want to give it some thought. The Packers were throttled at home, 26-0 at the hands of their division rival, the Chicago Bears. Favre had two second half interceptions, both of which can't be blamed on anyone but him. In Favre's last three games against the Bears, he has 0 TDs and 8 interceptions. Devin Hester had an 84-yard punt return on which he was never touched. Nice start for the Bears... and man, this could get ugly for the Packers.

• The Jaguars came out in the second half and took it right to the Cowboys in one of the more impressive efforts of Week 1. There was some talk in the preseason about Tony Romo starting for the Cowboys, and that might not be far from happening. Bledsoe was out there throwing interceptions like it was his job. He threw one as the Cowboys tried to mount a last-minute touchdown drive, but a (poor) booth review overturned it. So Bledose came out, got sacked, and then threw another interception, as if he just wanted to prove that he could.

• Climactic finish in the desert. The 49ers recovered an onside kick with 31 seconds on the clock, down by 7. The Hail Mary was incomplete, though, leaving the day to Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald. Warner completed passes to 7 different receivers, and 3 of them caught TDs. Larry Fitzgerald caught 9 balls for 133 yards. On the San Francisco side of things, Frank Gore was a fantasy stud, with 87 yards on the ground, 83 yards receiving, 6 catches, and 2 TDs.

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