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Baltimore 28, New Orleans 7. The Ravens have completely bottled up Dulymus McAllister and Reggie Bush... combined rushing and receiving, Bush and McAllister have combined for a total of 7 yards. The Ravens are doing just about anything they want... save for one long Drew Brees to Joe Horn TD pass, this has been as ass-beating.

Kansas City 20, Seattle 14. Larry Johnson is back to his fantasy stud self. He's got a rushing touchdown, a receiving touchdown, and 120 total yards in the first half. And Seneca Wallace has been better than you'd expect. He's 9-of-13 for 98 yards and 2 touchdowns. I'm going to go ahead and call him the greatest Seneca in the history of the NFL.

Packers 21, Cardinals 0. Abuse Dennis Green liberally this week, because he might not be around much longer to take it. Blowing a lead against the Bears is one thing... making the Packers look like the '72 Dolphins is quite another. The Packers are averaging 6.5 yards per carry on the ground, and 8.4 yards per pass attempt... that's pretty good.

Chicago 41, San Francisco 0. I really like the 49ers new Halloween costumes. They're going as the Arizona Cardinals in the second half against the Bears on Monday night. Rex Grossman is... hell, I can't keep up. At 34-0, they were throwing the ball aggressively downfield.


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