Jaguars 13, Eagles 6. Alright, the Eagles officially aren't that good. You may have figured this out before me, but I'm now convinced. They just managed six points in a home game that they pretty much had to win. The Garrard/Leftwich issue was probably not a factor... the Jags won while getting 87 passing yards from Garrard.

Falcons 29, Bengals 27. Once again, it's Michael Vick beating a team with his arm. It's kinda weird complimenting that part of Michael Vick's body... it's like saying, "Wow, look at those shoulders on John Holmes." Eh, that's... that's kinda gay. But yeah, Vick finished with 291 passing yards, 3 TDs, and no interceptions.

Titans 28, Texans 22. If spitting in some woman's face is what it takes for Pac Man Jones to have an interception and a punt return for a touchdown... the women of Nashville should step up and volunteer for target practice. This game's leading passer: Sage Rosenfels.

Chiefs 35, Seahawks 28. Maybe it's time to start taking the Chiefs seriously, too... I dunno. I mean, I know they just beat a Seneca Wallace-led team, but Seneca Wallace actually wasn't that bad. In the first half, anyway. Larry Johnson finished with 155 rushing yards, and four total TDs.


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