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NFL Week Five, Update #3

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• It's been an entertaining game, but... I mean, nothing cool has happened with Terrell Owens. Is that how it's going to be, Eagles fans? Are you going to completely puss out? It's time for someone to take the initiative, storm the field, and at least... I dunno, hit the guy with a bucket of confetti. He doesn't even have a catch. I feel like I bought a WWF pay-per-view, and then they decided to go straight Greco-Roman action all night long. Oh, and the Cowboys lead 21-17.


• This one's not going to make the season highlight reel for the Jets. The Jags currently lead 28-0, and the Jets are being beaten in every possible way that a team can be beat. Chad Pennington has 2 INTs, Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew are going buck wild on them... and a safety was actually taken away from the Jets on a seriously questionable helmet-to-helmet penalty. Jags lead, 28-0.

• The Raiders are doing this weird thing where they're running around and trying, and attempting to tackle people, and hurrying up... it's a little strange to see. Randy Moss has a touchdown catch, which means that Andrew Walters has a touchdown pass, which sort of makes my forehead ache. Raiders lead, 13-7.

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