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• New England just ass-romped the Bengals. This was not something I had anticipated. The Patriots offense was struggling, their secondary was hurting, and I thought Carson Palmer and the Bengals wide receivers would take advantage. 'Twas not the case. Laurence Maroney gashed them all day, Corey Dillon chipped in some nice yardage, and the Pats had their way. I guess this Belichick fellow can go back to being a genius.

• The Raiders, thankfully, went back to the status quo, and managed to blow their 21-3 lead and lose to the Browns 24-21. Andrew Walters finished 9-of-23 for 68 yards, 1 touchdown (how?) and 1 interception (just one?). Any of you who watched this game, I wish you the best of luck in trying to erase those filthy images from your head. God speed.

• The Redskins/Jaguars game and the Lions/Rams game have both been a hell of a lot of fun, and they're both still going on right now. The Skins currently have the ball in overtime, and their fans are apoplectic about an illegal touching call on Chris Cooley. The Lions are up one, and the Rams are driving... get to a TV if you can.

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