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NFL Week Nine, Update #1

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• Baltimore keeps doing what Baltimore does. The Bengals fumbled on a kickoff, and Carson Palmer threw an interception that went to the house, and that should be about all they'll need. It's 17-0, and Carson Palmer has been mostly terrible. At the half, it's 17-7, Ravens over the Bengals, because that's evidently what God wants to happen.

• Brett Favre's giving a vintage performance, if by "vintage," you mean, "last year." London Fletcher converted a Favre pass to six buffalo points. There's really not much to enjoy about this game, unless you're looking for some idle background noise while you sleep off your hangover. It's 10-0 Buffalo, and the Packers just fumbled away an opportunity to get on the board with 10 seconds to play in the half.


• Interceptions for touchdowns are kind of a theme today. Defensive end Jason Taylor took a Rex Grossman pass back for a Miami touchdown, giving the Dolphins a 14-3 lead over Chicago (it's now 14-10). Somewhere, Nick Buonticonti and Larry Csonka are ready to break out the baby oil and enjoy some mutual massage. I almost always pull for the underdogs, but... those '72 Dolphins sort of annoy me, and I know they're loving this. I don't care if the Bears lose, but I'd rather it wasn't this week.

• Fuck John Mellencamp.

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