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NFL Week Nine, Update #2

• The Bengals just failed to convert a 4th-and-4 with under 2:00 to play that would've kept their chances alive. It was close to being pass interference, but T.J. Houshmandzadeh and the official had differing opinions. No flag came, and Houshmandzadeh reacted like someone just snipped off his ponytail. He spiked his helmet down, and was then physically restrained by Marvin Lewis. Ravens win, 26-20.

• It's not quite over yet, and there's still time for a Cardinals-like collapse, but the Dolphins are pretty firmly in control of the Bears in the 4th quarter. It's as unlikely as a dolphin winning a wrestling match against an actual bear. Joey Harrington, at least by Joey Harrington standards, had a decent day, which is to say that his interceptions did not outnumber his touchdown passes. Ronnie Brown has pounded out 111 tough yards on the ground against the Bears defense, and it looks like it's actually going to happen. Just weird. In the 4th, the Dolphins lead 28-13.


• Redskins kicker Nick Novak just missed a field goal attempt that would've given the Redskins the lead with under a minute to play in that game. It's been a pretty good game, and it's gone back and forth... though if Terrell Owens could catch, it would probably be in the books already as a Cowboys W. Tony Romo's got 31 seconds here to get the Cowboys in field goal range... he does what he has to do, and here comes Mike Vanderjagt. for the win. And it's blocked. Well, of course it is... it's Mike Vanderjagt. And we're going to overtime. Yeeeee-Ha...

• Okay, maybe not. Sean Taylor picked up the ball, ran like hell with it, and someone picked up a 15-yard facemask... which not only put the Redskins in field goal range, but it gives the Redskins one untimed down. This is bizarre... here's Novak again, from 47, and it's good. It is GOOD.

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