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NFL Week Ten, Update #1

• The Titans are beating the hell out of the Ravens because they're racist. Travis Henry has displayed tremendous vision through his Klan hood, running for 78 yards and a touchdown. Vince Young has a rushing touchdown, Drew Bennett has 74 yards receiving, and the Ravens have been unable to run the ball. 26-7, Titans lead.

• Alright, I guess the Dolphins are good now. Ronnie Brown has 50 yards and a touchdown, Joey Harrington's thrown for over 130 yards (with no interceptions), and they're shutting out the Chiefs. Damon Huard is practically begging Trent Green to take his job from him, currently at 3-of-11 for 25 yards. Dolphins are up 13-0.


• Chris Henry just completely pussed out on another ball in traffic... even worse than last week. I don't know why Carson Palmer would even consider throwing another ball his way, especially considering that every other goddamn Bengals receiver is wide open on every play. Carson Palmer is doing anything he wants. Chad Johnson scored, but did not dance. Bengals lead, 28-7.

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