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NFL Week Three, Update #3

• There are a couple of ass-poundings going on, both of them, I believe, directly influenced by the Eagles collapse last week. The Giants are experiencing a massive letdown, and the Eagles are pissed off about it. The Giants are down 35-0 to the Seahawks, and the Eagles are molesting the 49ers, 24-3. The Eagles have almost 350 yards of offense in the first half.

• The Ravens have finally found an offense that they can't handle. Evidently, it's Charlie Frye and the Browns. There have been no answers for Braylon Edwards, and Frye is 15-of-18 for 210 yards. If nothing else, this casts the Ravens previous opponents, the Bucs and the Raiders, in an extremely unflattering light. Steve McNair, by the way, is 5-of-12 for 71 yards.


• The Cardinals and Rams are locked into a battle in what could turn out to be the only competitive game of the afternoon. The Rams offense seems to want to open things up a little bit this week, as Marc Bulger has 175 first half passing yards, and Torry Holt is killing people in the secondary.

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