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NFL Week Three, Update #4

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• The Giants have taken an interesting approach to the year, electing to only play in 2nd halves of games. The strategy is to build an overconfident feeling in the opponent, and then pounce and take advantage in the second half. The downside is that they always have a huge deficit to overcome, but the upside is that it's really effective for letting Eli Manning pad his stats. Also, it doesn't work.

• The Ravens just came back to get a win and continue their "we beat terrible teams" tour. Captain Kellen (who actually had a nice day) got lit up after a catch during a desperation Cleveland drive, fumbling the ball and ending the game. The game turned into the ugly AFC North slugfest that it was destined to be, entertaining only people from Baltimore or Cleveland.

• The Cardinals and the Rams just traded clutch fumbles in key situations. The Cardinals did it last, so it looks like the Rams are going to win. You don't see that often. Fumbled snaps happen, but not usually with a veteran QB, in the 4th quarter, in range to kick the field goal and win the game. It seems like that's the kind of thing that should only happen to the Raiders.


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