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NFL Will Review Vontaze Burfict's Latest Dirty Hit

Jim Rogash/Getty Images
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Yesterday was only Vontaze Burfict’s third game of the season—the Bengals LB missed the first three with a suspension for, functionally, all the dirty shit he’s done—and he’s already in fine form. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the NFL is reviewing a low hit he put on Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett in New England’s 35-17 win:

What a coincidence: Just last week, Burfict was the subject of a feature story in which he talked about how he believe NFL rules cracking down on head shots are encouraging him to hit players low, even if he says he doesn’t want to do that.

In high school, Logan always taught Burfict to separate the man from the ball. Now, he believes the NFL is giving him no choice but to aim low, aim for the knees.

“Even though I think going low is a coward’s way,” Burfict says. “But without getting a flag, that’s the good way to go about it. That’s what the NFL is making it into. I’d rather hit a guy up high than mess a guy’s knee up.”


Bennett said Burfict apologized to him after the fourth-quarter hit, but that apparently wasn’t enough for Bennett’s teammates. Twice on that same drive, Rob Gronkowski found Burfict and got in his face:

Shout out to the AFC for having so many unlikeable teams that you’re often forced to side with ones you detest.

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