Steve Kerr blames Warriors’ woes on Draymond Green punch

While most of the story in the NBA is either about the conference finals beginning or Ja Morant’s fuzzy definition of “accountability,” there was another major figure in the league doing his best Doc Rivers, and shirking his role in a major fuck up.


Steve Kerr pointed to Draymond Green coldcocking Jordan Poole in training camp as something the Warriors could never get around and how it cracked the foundation of the team. But nowhere does Kerr say, “It was my fault.” Because it was. It was Kerr who didn’t have Green miss a regular season game, a decision that created a pretty big schism between the old guard and the new. Which is a big reason Golden State spent much of the year looking like a group of employees going through yet another office training.

In fact, Kerr goes on to say that if Green does return, it’s on him to build trust and chemistry with the roster’s younger players. Green certainly would have road to make up, but Kerr seemingly siding with his very punchy charge over those who bore the brunt of that also has to be amended. Kerr will have to admit to that as a first step on that road.


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