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NHL Exec Shoots And Misses With Fox News Ice Queen

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When a Florida Panthers executive went on Fox News to talk about unemployment, he did what we'd all like to do, if we had no sense of decorum or shame: he macked on their anchor like nobody's business.

Uri Man, the "Vice President of Real Estate Development" tried his best with Ainsley Earhardt, complimenting her outfit and showing he had done a creepy level of research on her before coming on the show. It was so obvious that Earhardt ended the segment by turning to her co-anchor and asking "Is he hitting on me on live TV? Did that just happen?"


Yeah, it just happened. Man must be hard up after striking out on Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker," where he had a very specific type of girl in mind:

On that episode, host Patti Stanger assessed Man's sexual prowess by dancing with him (he didn't take charge and spin her, so she worried how he'd be in bed). The 5'7" Israeli also expressed a preference for short Jewish women, an ideal Stanger calls "The Jewish Spinner."


If you weren't aware, that's a girl small enough to put on your lap and spin like a dreidel. It's unsurprising he couldn't close the deal with Earhardt.

And with that, we've reached our Florida Panthers news quota for the year.

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