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NHL Stanley Cup Pants Party: Sabres Vs. Senators

And here, you thought we were completely ignoring the NHL playoffs. To remind you: Canuck please!

The Eastern Conference Finals kick off tonight, with the Ottawa Senators facing the long-suffering but oh-so-close Buffalo Sabres. The gang at BfloBlog are awfully excited: "The anticipation for the game tonight probably could not be any greater. As I was sifting through the season history between these two teams, a very scary thought (for Ottawa) occurred to me: Ottawa has yet to play the Sabres team they will be facing tonight."


We will not pretend to have even close to the amount of expertise required to make a prediction on this series, but among the ESPN folks, the verdict is split. If you need to rev yourself up, we recommend the 10 reasons the NHL playoffs are better than the NBA playoffs. (Via Off Wing Opinion.) We don't necessarily agree, but it's a compelling case.

(Associated Press photo.)

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