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Phoenix has been losing money hand over fist, so the NHL wants them to cut expenses. First up: get rid of that fancy shmancy chartered plane, and start flying the red-headed stepchild of domestic airlines.

Incompetent owner Jerry Moyes is fighting this, of course. He wants the team to keep using Swift Air, his own charter airline, which is such a ridiculous conflict of interest that it's a joke we're even discussing this. And though it cost the team $2.6 million to use Swift Air last year, Moyes is forcing the league to take him to court to hash this out; thereby costing even more.


Tell me again why this man was allowed to run a hockey team?

The Coyotes would still fly chartered flights, but none of the luxury jets like they used last season, with 68 first class seats and "extensive catering services." Honestly, at this point, they're such a minor league operation that they might as well take buses to road games.

NHL Wants Coyotes to Fly US Air [WSJ]

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