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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Nick Johnson Clogs Buster Olneys Bases

Ken Rosenthal thinks the Red Sox will go Gonzo and that Matt Holliday might consider signing with the Orioles because of God. Buster Olney calls Nick Johnson a "base-clogger," which makes me sad. Read on. HOT FUCKING STOVE.

• Five years from now, when Phillies fans gaze upon the landfill of the team's farm system, they will blame Roy Halladay's kid.


• The A's are the lucky Pierre of the Phillies-Blue Jays deal. They get Michael Taylor, bona fide stud and diabetic. Type 1 diabetes is the new on-base percentage.

• Godzilla is in Anaheim.

• Hee Seop Choi climbed a mountain.

• The inevitable George Will, author of Muppet Dilettante at Work, is inflicting himself on baseball again.

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