Nick Kyrgios Executes Perfect Underarm Serve Against Rafael Nadal

The second round of Wimbledon offered Nick Kyrgios the opportunity to do what he loves best, which is to try to beat Rafael Nadal. Though he failed in that quest, falling in four sets in yesterday’s match, Kyrgios was able to realize his other great love, which is to try to annoy Rafael Nadal. No moment encapsulated his success there better than the exquisitely, infuriatingly precise underarm serve he hit the Spaniard with to win a game:

Predictably, the above trick shot wasn’t the only flashpoint from the match between these two players who famously dislike each other. Kyrgios tried another one of his trademark underarm serves later in the match, but Nadal got to it that time. At another point, Kyrgios thumped a ball straight at Nadal’s body during play, which earned the Australian an icy stare down from his opponent. When asked about it after the match, Kyrgios didn’t shy away from his intentions: “I was going for him, yeah. I wanted to hit him square in the chest.”


The actual tennis was pretty good too, I hear.