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You know when we were joking earlier about ESPN finding more airtime for Nick Lachey? Uh, it looks like we weren't kidding, and we didn't even know it.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, ESPN is considering using Lachey on its college football coverage. No shit.

"We've heard a rumor that, frankly, we're not too happy about. It's that ESPN plans to use Nick Lachey - best-known, probably, for being Mr. Jessica Simpson - on some of its college football coverage this fall. Granted, his dad was Jim Lachey, a former longtime NFL offensive lineman. But come on, this cannot be true, can it? What's next, live bands on SportsCenter? Oh, wait ..."

For its next trick, ESPN is going to have Jm J. Bullock pop up in a little corner window during baseball telecasts, waving his hands madly and talking about "all those boys on the field!" Executives will explain that Bullock "is at the intersection of sports and entertainment" and "a welcome addition to our team."

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