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Nick Saban and Alabama have agreed on a contract extension and Kirk Herbstreit broke the news. All that's known at this point is that it is a long-term extension and his base salary will be somewhere between $7 and $7.5 million per year. None of this means anything.


College coaches and ADs sell loyalty and school spirit but buy whatever works for them. This is the third contract re-negotiation Saban has had since he's been at Alabama and—this is great—his original deal with the Miami Dolphins would have run out next year. All the same, everyone is super excited that Nick Saban will be in Alabama for at least next year.

"We are very pleased to have this agreement completed," Saban said in a statement. "(Wife) Terry and our family are very happy in Tuscaloosa. It has become home to us. This agreement allows us to continue to build on the tremendous success that we have enjoyed to this point — successes that have transcended the football field. We are excited about the future and the University of Alabama is where I plan to end my coaching career."

Bill Battle, who took over as Alabama's athletic director in March, called Saban "the best in the business" in a statement.

"This agreement is a strong indication of our mutual commitment to building on the foundation he has established," Battle said.



Now that Saban is locked up, it leaves Texas with a coach everyone assumed they've been trying to push out to make room for Saban. Mack Brown spoke at the Texas team banquet last night, shortly after whispers of the Saban extension were coming in. Brown did not address his status during the speech but he did speak to Holly Rowe after.

"ESPN has had the story wrong," Brown said. "Everybody just needs to slow down. I have a good relationship with my bosses, Bill Powers and Steve Patterson, and I look forward to making the best decision (about my future)."

At the same banquet, Patterson said he was excited to be working with Mack Brown. So expect Texas to welcome Nick Saban as the new Texas head coach next week at $8 million a year.

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