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Nick Saban's Daughter Sued For Allegedly Beating The Shit Out Of One Of Her Sorority Sisters

Flying under the radar during all of this morning's Penn State news is a startling story concerning University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban's daughter. Kristen Saban is being sued by one of her sorority sisters after Saban allegedly assaulted her.

The lawsuit was filed by Sarah Grimes last month, and it alleges that Grimes and Saban got into a fight during a night of drinking due to a comment that Saban had posted on Grimes's Facebook wall. From the Washington Post:

The lawsuit claimed Grimes and Kristen Saban were playing a drinking game called "Power Hour" with friends on Aug. 28, 2010. It contends they got into a fight after Kristen Saban posted something on Facebook saying no one liked Grimes.

The suit said Grimes was hurt so badly she suffered a concussion, an increase in migraine headaches, had nasal surgery and required psychological help.

"As a result of the beating and the head injuries Sarah Grimes sustained by Kristen Saban, Sarah has had repeated night terrors, anxiety, physical trembling, fears of dying from brain injuries, trouble sleeping, and intrusive recollections of the event," the lawsuit said.

My Fox Alabama has also posted a transcript of the lawsuit, which includes some eye-opening allegations. The lawsuit claims that it took two other girls to pull Saban off of Grimes, and that Saban's eyes "rolled back into her head" before she began sobbing during the aftermath of the fight.

So, you know, don't ever play "Power Hour" with Kristen Saban. Allegedly.

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