Nick Swisher Has Released A Children's Album

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Yankees outfielder and fountain of enthusiasm Nick Swisher has just released his first album, Believe. It features Swisher on lead vocals with Kidz-Bop-style backup, not to mention special appearances on guitar from Bernie Williams and Barry Zito. Looking at the track list, it's basically a concept album for optimism:

1. Heroes
2. I Won't Back Down
3. Where The Green Grass Grows
4. Lean On Me
5. With A Little Help From My Friends
6. Everyday People
7. Proud Mary
8. Take Me Home, Country Roads
9. Joy To The World
10. Hang On Sloopy
11. Jumpin' Jack Flash
12. Believe

All covers, sure, but there's still room for creativity. In the short sample of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" above, Swisher adds his own lyrical flourish:

I was raised by a toothless bearded hag (Not really!)

Make fun of it all you want, but we find Nick Swisher rather impossible to dislike. He is to happiness what Brian Wilson is to weirdness. And it's for charity. So we'll save the cynicism for future artistic endeavors, like the John Lackey Coloring Book. [iTunes]


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