This news of potential matrimonial conflict is brought to you byBob's Blitz, which points out that Swisher's fiancée, actress Joanna Garcia, has some ties to L.Ron Hubbard's Hollywood weirdo community.

Garcia, seen above, dressed like a beheaded penguin for the Church of Scientology's annual Christmas Stories Play, has been seeing Swisher for almost a year (publicly). TV nerds might remember Garcia from "Freaks and Geeks," where she played bubbly Vicki Appleby for five episodes.

So will Swisher convert? You know those greedy Scientologists would love to have some Yankee money pumped into their UFO cult. That means a possible Jenna Elfman sighting at The Stadium before this season's over, which would be fantastic because I loved her work in Krippendorf's Tribe. And did you know Elfman has, like, size 18 feet?