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Night Falls On Death Valley

The handsome young gentleman above is the biggest freshman to hit Baton Rouge since Glen Davis. His name is Mike VI and tonight the two year-old will make his debut as LSU's official mascot. He's big, he's photogenic, all the women want to pet him, and all the men want to be him. He's Louisiana's answer to Tim Tebow, only he isn't trained to eat Glenn Dorsey.

Speaking of actual football players, we're less than an hour away from the one game all day worth caring about! Obviously I'm a complete homer for my beloved Florida Gators, but there are plenty of other reasons to be excited. It's a night game at Death Valley and it's being broadcast in high definition. If all else fails it's going to look real and spec-tacular. But hey, I'm a sucker for bright helmets and shiny lights.


Tebow, Dorsey, Trindon, Percy, Perrilloux, Bubba, and a big fuckin' cat! Oh yeah, and Tony Joiner is back! This should be fun, feel free to follow along in the comment section with the night dwellers.

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