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All these games are overlapping and I can hardly keep up. Marquette and Stanford have already reached halftime which should give the Cardinal players a chance to catch up with their ejected coach. Marquette leads 36-30 with Brook Lopez scoring just two points and making everybody vaguely uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Wazzu is unloading on Notre Dame, which is completely crushing my Big East over Pac 10 parlay. They too are at the half, with the score 32-29. Continue after the jump for an update on the one game ongoing between Kansas and UNLV.

-Well it's taken all of one round before Kansas has run into trouble in the tournament. UNLV can't match up in size or athleticism, but never discount the advantage of playing against Bill Self. The Rebs are down just one to the Jayhawks with 2:00 to play in the first half.


-More updates coming shortly. I need a shower, that picture is making me feel dirty.

-I'm back, and my Indian food has arrived!

-Kansas has opened up a 9 point lead on the ninth seeded Runnin' Rebels early in the second half and Notre Dame is getting run out of the building by mighty Wazzu in the night's token blowout.

-As many expected, Stanford and Marquette are putting on quite a show. The two have battled back and forth for control of the game, and neither one is backing off. Marquette leads by 1 with 6:37 left to play and possession of the ball thanks to a big steal. Dominic James converts on the ensuing possession and Marquette is rolling.

-Another possession was created by James who kicked to McNeal in the corner for 3. Marquette leads by 6.


-Another crucial basket by Jerel McNeal puts Marquette up five, but Brook Lopez answers right back. Mitch Johnson collected his 13th assist of the night with 2:25 remaining.

-Barro's gone after a horrible call while matched up on Brook Lopez. The short-haired twin just tied the game at the line and he's about to give Stanford a one point lead.


-And he does. 70-69

-I love watching Marquette.

-Crappy Kansas is up 7

-Robin Lopez just BRICKED his first attempt at the line that would have tied the game. Stanford freezes their own guy, and he'll have one more shot to tie with 8.8 seconds left in the game.


-Lopez gets the tie and Marquette barely misses out on their attempts to win in regulation. Overtime will decide the next Sweet 16 dancer.

-Brook Lopez has officially put his shit together, another 2 inches him close to 30 for the game.


-Speaking of which, McNeal just bombed another 3 for his 30. Marquette's up 1 with 1:38 to play.
-McNeal takes the lead right back after a fantastic hustle play by James kept the ball alive.

-Timeout Marquette with less than a minute to play.

-Brook and Robin's mom looks like someone who would name her boys Brook and Robin. Either that or she looks like someone who would feed on her young. A bit scary, that one.


-OH WOW! Brook Lopez just hit a miracle shot for Stanford with under two seconds left in the game. Stanford has the slimmest of leads and Marquette is drawing up a play.

-"BRING ME THE ONE CALLED MCNEAL!!!" - Lrr, Omicron Persei 8 (ed. note: via Flubby).


-Nothing doing for Marquette, and it's all over. The Cardinal rode the tree-like Lopez twins to another victory and they're on their way to the Sweet 16.

-Kansas is currently up 14 on the Rebs with less than 6 minutes to play.

-I'm not live blogging tonight's late games, but I will have a final post up shortly.


Image via Pac 10 Poon

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