Photo: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Nikola Jokińá took over the Brooklyn Nets tonight, unleashing a career-high 41 points on 16-25 shooting to go with 12 rebounds and five assists. Though he fouled out with three minutes to play, and only played 31 minutes total, the 22-year-old outscored the entire Nets starting line-up combined:

The big man’s highlights are a variety pack of basketball skills. Here is a good high-arcing three (one of four on the night):

Here is Jokińá going coast to coast (he had two steals and two blocks):


Here is his last bucket of the night, where he just gobbles up Tyler Zeller in the post and lands a somehow-smooth one-footed shot:

Jokińá has been obscured a bit by the shadow of fellow young and tall European Kristaps PorziŇÜń£is, who can do these same things but plays in a bigger city. (The Knicks also won and PorziŇÜń£is topped Jokińá by ten points when the two met last week.) But‚ÄĒeven with the caveat that his performance came against the Nets‚ÄĒthis kid almost single-handedly just beat an entire NBA team, and his prime potentially remains a few years off. Jokińá can already do it all, and yet he can still be so much more.