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NLDS Game 1 Live Blog: Phillies Vs. Rockies

OK, the playoffs are here, and you're stuck at work. Worry not!

We'll be live blogging all the day games this week, and we kick you off with today's Phillies-Rockies tilt at Citizens Bank Park. It's Cole Hamels for the Phillies and Jeff Francis for the Rockies. And your live blogger is John Bolster, sports editor at Penthouse magazine. After the jump, enjoy, and, of course, play along in the comments. (You can also email him right here)


(UPDATE: Mr. Bolster's Internet connection has collapsed. So we're sorry, but the live blog is all kaput. It happens. The early evening game will work smoother. Frankly, we're having a good enough time watching the commenters keep us updated. But nevertheless: We apologize. We recommend you check out The 700 Level's live blog. Sorry.)

Top of the Second Inning
Welcome to the playoffs, Todd Helton. He greets Hamels with a first pitch triple. Atkins drives him in. Torrealba drives him in with a bloop single to center. A walk to Matsui loads the bases. Hamels walks in a run. ... More glitches folks. Sorry. Hamels strikes out Holliday to end the inning but the damage is done.

Rockies 3, Phillies 0

Bottom of the First Inning
Technical difficulties, folks. Sorry. Jeff Francis struck out the side—Rollins, Victorino, Utley.


Rockies 0, Philllies 0

Top of the First Innning

Cole Hamels is a beast, with a wicked fastball, curve and changeup—and a hot wife in former Survivor girl Heidi Strobel, but this is easily the biggest game of his career. He gets Kaz Matsui on a grounder to short, then makes Troy Tulowitzki look silly on a changeup. Two down. Matt Holliday dribbles one down the first base line, tough play for Hamels and he doesnt look likely to make it. Ryan Howard bails him out with a nice pickup and lunging tag. 1-2-3 for Hamels.


Rockies 0, Phillies 0


And a good day to you all, Deadspinners! Welcome to the first game of the 2007 playoffs. But of course for these two teams it seems like the playoffs have been going for weeks now. They're each riding a tidal wave of momentum, and as long as one or both of them isn't completely drained, this should be a bang-up series.


Hey, in our MLB Preview (April 2007 Penthouse) we picked the Phils to win the NL East. Outside of Jimmy Rollins, we were pretty much the only ones to make this call. Of course the Rockies and their entire organization—huge fans of ours—are well aware of this:


So it's gonna be Schmidt's in here all afternoon, no Coors Light.

We've got a man at Citizens Bank Park to file on-site reports, but he's having technical difficulties right now. We'll keep you posted.



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