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No Cameras Allowed In "St. Jetersburg"

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"St. Jetersburg" is the name of Derek Jeter's Florida home. In addition to having a name, Derek Jeter's home has a strict no camera/phone policy.

We're told the famously private Yankee has a basket in the foyer of his 30,875-square-foot, multimillion dollar Davis Island home, dubbed by locals "St. Jetersburg." All guests are expected to plunk down their camera phones before entering his castle.

"He points and says, 'Phones go there,' so no one can take pictures inside his house," says a source.

He points and says, "Phones go there." Funniest thing I've read since "St. Jetersburg."

It's really not surprising that he'd be this protective of his privacy, though. Captain Baskets is a savvy modern athlete and is almost never photographed doing anything stupid and never says anything worth a damn to reporters (who love the shit out of him anyway). It's just a shame, he could have some man-beast artwork, too and we'll never know. But that's why he's a True Yankee.


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