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No ESPN Isn’t Losing Money Because It’s Liberal You Clueless Morons

Screen capture via ESPN

ESPN is still going through the worst round of public layoffs in its history, and while the reasons why the company is firing everyone are plainly evident, there are still people out there ascribing the channel’s struggles to its political leanings (which, frankly, don’t even exist), and basking in its potential demise. Here’s a former vice-presidential candidate ...


... and here’s, well, check out his lengthy Youtube monologue on this if you really need to know more:

These people are opportunistic shitheads, and that is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

Fortunately for you, the listener, there is more. Marchman and I also draft airports, AND we answer your questions about insect mass murder, ice cream, dead exes, and more. Have a listen:

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