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A competitive first half gave way to a Detroit smothering in the second half, and the Detroit Pistons have advanced in the Eastern Conference playoffs. LeBron James had 27 total, but was held to just 6 points in the second half. Of course, those 6 points did account for over 25% of the Cavs total 2nd half output of 23 points. It was the lowest-scoring Game 7 that any team has ever had. Truth be told, for all the anticipation... this was not an attractive game.

There will be plenty of time to drool on LeBron over the next 15 years or so, but before we leave this series in the rearview completely, two other Cavs deserve some credit. Coach Mike Brown and forward Anderson Varejao were also big reasons that the Cavs pushed it to 7. Mike Brown for some of the defensive adjustments he made, and Varejao for his hustle and hard work on the boards.

By the way, if ABC's studios are firebombed this evening, it'll probably be a Cleveland native that did it, and I wouldn't blame them. It was downright cruel of ABC to show that montage of Cleveland sports disasters in the closing minutes of the game. That's not kicking a guy while he's down, that's dropping a shot put on a man's balls when he's down.

Anyway, it's onto the Conference Finals for Detroit, and a rematch with the Heat. Game One is Tuesday night.


Cleveland 61, Detroit 77 []