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No Isiah, They Aren't Saying Boo-urns

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It's not easy making the Philadelphia 76ers look good, but Isiah's Knicks do it with aplomb. I don't want to say that New York's starters aren't any good, but seeing as how they combined to score 25 points my hands are tied. New York's starters fucking suck (but Q's cool). Nate "Awww" Robinson managed to match the starters point output off of the bench, of course he missed eight 3's along the way. Jared Jeffries scored two points in 13 minutes before returning to the bench to count all of the money Mr. Dolan keeps stuffing down his pants. Oh yeah, Philly won 105-77 and the Knicks were booed out of the building.


Offensive exploits. Josh Howard can score like Dwight Howard, board like Juwan Howard, and kick ass like Howard T. Duck. The Mavs leading scorer dropped 47 (14-19, 4-5, 15-17) on Utah and all the Jazz could do was muster up a pathetic 41 points (13-20, 3-4, 12-13) from their main man, Deron Williams. Remember how yesterday I wrote about Phoenix's 42 assists on 50 field goals? Well last night Dallas and Utah combined for 50 assists on 89 field goals. Dallas won it 125-117.

Cleveland might not be as good without LeBron. The Cavs slide continued with LeBron James on the bench nursing a sprained finger. This time they were victimized by the mighty Bobcats of Charlotte by a score of 96-93.