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No One Loves Anything More Than This Ballboy Loves His Soccer Team

Salutations, my savages. What we have here is a match between Wycombe and Dag & Red in England’s League Two. It finished 1-1, and appeared to have been a hard-fought, good and fun contest between two bad and earnest teams. But that’s not why we have gathered around this blog on this wonderful day.

We are here because Wycombe were trailing at home to 10-man Dag & Red five minutes into injury time before the final whistle when Wycombe won a throw-in deep in Dag & Red territory. It was thrown in then cleared out of the box, before ending up at the feet of Wycombe right back Michael Harriman, who lobbed up a perfect cross to the far post. Wycombe’s Aaron Pierre darted in front of his marker and headed in the equalizer seconds before the death, sending the home crowd into hysterics.

One of the onlookers was an exceptionally turnt ballboy, who met Pierre at the corner flag and jumped into the goalscorer’s arm. Pierre, being a superhero, caught the little white baby in midair with one arm, and the two were mobbed by the rest of the team. Good celebration, great ballboy.


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