This was uploaded on YouTube a long time ago, but we've never seen it before, and we feel the need to share it with all of you.

This is Rich Aude, a former first baseman for the Buffalo Bisons, The Triple-A affiliate of the Blue Jays, throwing decorum to the wind and pimping the ever-loving shit out of a walk-off home run in 1994. The helpful reader who alerted us to this wonderful video thinks that Bob Wishnevski of the Louisville Redbirds is the poor bastard who gave up the homer, but if you know otherwise, let us know. We want to know everything about this moment in baseball history.


Update: We now have all the details about this game, thanks to Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News, who wrote a story about this game back in 1994. Some highlights:

"I had to cherish it. I took just a few steps and I probably shouldn't have, but I was milking it a little," said Aude, 22. "Nothing would have happened if he (Wishnevski) hadn't said anything to me."

"He should round the bases, step on home plate, go in the clubhouse and then celebrate," Pettini said. "Somebody should tell him that's not how a professional acts."

Bisons manager Doc Edwards said he intends to do just that.

"I didn't like what Richie did. It was a thing done by a young player," Edwards said. "Basketball is in-your-face, but not baseball."