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Nobody Has Less Joyful Celebrations Than The Yankees

The playoffs are about to start, and we're gonna be in for precisely six more champagne celebrations before this whole business finishes off.

But we must not forget the celebrations that got us to this point, and Flyers Fieldhouse ranks the best ones. The Yankees, being so used to this business and all, rank as the worst, and, not surprisingly, the shitshow of madness the Phillies pulled off after the clinched the National League East on the last day of the season was rated the best.


We feel bad for the Yankees: Their celebrations will always be tempered by the fact that nothing they do is good enough. The champagne doesn't taste as good when you know if you don't win your next game, everyone's going to call you a failure. (Or, you know, run pictures on the front page of the paper with you and a she-male, muscular type).

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