Nonsensical criticism of USWNT soccer proves right-wing media should hush

‘Disrespecting a veteran’ narrative quickly and thoroughly debunked

Give us a break.
Give us a break.
Screenshot: Fox News

It’s getting embarrassing at this point.

If you missed it, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team is being criticized by right-wing media outlets for “disrespecting” a 98-year-old U.S. veteran who asked to perform The Star-Spangled Banner before a match against Mexico on Monday.


Many fans and media outlets were quick to jump on the American women for “turning away” the veteran’s offer of a patriotic performance, only for those critics to quickly try to reverse the narrative by criticizing the two U.S. players who didn’t turn to observe the flag.

It’s all very confusing, and very much a waste of time, but it happened.

Here are the receipts:

It’s just really crazy to me when someone is loud and wrong. And not only are you loud and wrong, but you also refuse to go away when someone shows you that you are wrong.

The U.S. women’s team literally signed a ball for the veteran following the game, and the team’s communications account debunked any theory of disrespect.


Can we please get to the point where we stop caring about this? What someone chooses to do during the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner is their right.

Move on. We still can’t keep talking about this.

If they weren’t so pressed to shame people for being blindly allegiant to a nation that still has serious issues, they wouldn’t be on Twitter looking foolish right now.


These media outlets got the story wrong because they wanted to judge these women for no reason, and now they have to bury their faces in embarrassment, because they were loud and wrong.