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Norwegian cross-country skier Martin Johnsrud Sundby had a poor showing in the 15-kilometer classical race, and his mother knew it. Gro Johnsrud Langslet doesn't sugarcoat Olympic failure, dammit.

From Fox Sports:

Resting her chin in her hand despondently as her son struggled in the warm conditions, Langslet said on DBTV: ''You're the worst Norwegian. You should go home.''

The comments seemed to be meant as lighthearted banter, but Langslet didn't mince her words as her son neared the finish.

''Look at that,'' she said. ''He doesn't stand a chance.''

Ouch. Sundby won a bronze medal in the 30-kilometer skiathlon earlier in the week, but when he doesn't do well, he'll definitely hear about it. Thank you, Mom.


[Fox Sports]

Photo: AP

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