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Not Every Dillweed Is A Murderer

There was some pushback to my post yesterday asking Peter King to please "Shut Up. Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up. Shut Up." I'll just put this here, because something tells me King's tweet about Aaron Hernandez—"He was the 113th pick in 2010 for a reason"—won't be the end of this particular vector of thought.


King's implication is that whatever caused Hernandez to drop in the draft ("dillweed" behavior) is relevant to the present situation (murder). Leave aside the post hoc bullshit and the very Peter King idea that the people who run NFL franchises are moral clairvoyants; what's really dumb about this is the underlying Kiperlike conflation of "character issues" to the point of utter meaninglessness. Smoking weed and hanging around shady dudes isn't on the same side of the spectrum as orchestrating a freaking execution—except of course in NFL land, where the greatest tragedy of all is a team not extracting full value from a player.


I'm dreading this trial. It's going to be an orgy of every awful impulse in the NFL (wanna see Roger Goodell's Spiro Agnew impression?) and its media.

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