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Not Exactly Your Marquee MNF Matchup

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We love the idea of these late-night open game threads, which started with the World Series — who won that, anyway? — and have morphed into a fun Monday night activity for the bored, drunk and/or curious. But it's pretty tough to dress up tonight's game in anything that resembles anything pretty: It's the Oakland Raiders at the Seattle Seahawks, not exactly the type of matchup that's going to get anyone free beverages at the ESPN cafeteria.


The Seahawks have lost two in a row and are in a rather ugly "race" for the lead in the NFC West. (The 49ers are a game-and-a-half back; we'll say that.) Meanwhile, the Raiders are the hot team in this matchup, having won two in a row. In other words: It's kind of a nasty duel all around.

But it's still Monday Night Football, and there really isn't much else going on. So, as always, we invite you to discuss the game in the comments, if just to see how Theismann and Kornheiser fill time. We vote for them to finally — FINALLY — make out. Enjoy the game, if you can.

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