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Not Gay Richard Jefferson Let His Girl Down Easy

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Richard Jefferson is in full damage control mode after supposedly dumping his fianceé by emailing her at the altar or something. He's setting the story straight about the Black AMEX, the shadiness, and the money. Oh, and the gayness.

The original New York Post story implied that Jefferson dumped his fiance as she waited in a church with her dress on and then skipped town without even telling his guests. Then in a follow up story—that Jefferson even gave an interview for—they said that he dumped her via email as she flew to New York for the wedding. So now he has to go on Howard Stern's and Dan Patrick's radio shows to try and desperately clear up that mess.

Here are Jefferson's talking points: They broke up a week before the wedding, not two hours before. All the friends and family found out on Monday or Tuesday. The email was merely an attempt to clarify his feelings, and not a heartless final kiss off. The boys didn't get the black AMEX card, the wedding cost way less than $2 million, and there was no "six-figure" payoff to make her go away. (Although he will give her some "move on with your life" money.) The couple was fighting all the time, so they agreed to end it. That's all.


But why were they fighting? Who gave the email to the Post? And why would people decide, suddenly at just this moment, to accuse Richard of being gay?

Jefferson thinks it's just the New York Media being the New York Media, but it's not like that part of the story is brand new. Speculation about a gay New Jersey Net has fluttered quietly around Jefferson for a few years. The Post finally elevated it from salacious rumor to "legitimate" line of inquiry, but Jefferson strongly denied the rumor to the paper. You can fight the internet! (But you're probably going to lose.)

So there you go. The dude didn't want to get married. I'm sure that's never happened before.

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