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Not Just Another Pretty Face

Hooo boy. The reporter here — I'm pretty sure — is Danyelle Sargent of Fox, making the Gaffe of the Season so far. And what makes this more sad/amusing is the fact that Sargent was involved in a controversy while at ESPN in 2006 when, thinking her mic was dead, blurted "What the fuck was that?" while still on the air. So here's another one for the scrapbook. Now what probably confused the young lady was this quote, in which Singletary once said that, when first contemplating a career in coaching, the first call he made was to Bill Walsh. But the fact that she didn't know Walsh had passed is kind of unbelievable. Poor Mike Singletary. This day did not start well and just got worse. UPDATE: They've taken the video down. Man, Is This Ever Awkward [Fan IQ]


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