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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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The boys at the Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation had an important bulletin for eastbound motorists on the Pennsylvania Turnpike this morning. Some commuters were not amused. [Philly Edge]

Amazing Larry, In Song. Larry Fitzgerald now has his own song, thanks to Ryan Parker. Would have been better if sung to the tune of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. [Ryan Parker Songs]


Hey, Watch Where You're Throwing Those Adjectives. The media goes way overboard with the Cardinals' win. Leading the hyperbole charge? Jay Mariotti, of course. [Real Clear Sports]

Lion In Waiting. If the Cardinals win the Super Bowl, the crown of NFL franchise with the longest championship drought transfers to ... the Detroit Lions. [Houston Texans Examiner]

Skipping Shock And Moving Straight To Anger. "I'm bummed. If the Eagles would have just shown up in the first half we could be partying right now and making travel arrangements to Tampa. Instead, we have to listen to some troll of a "Cardinals fan" in the comments act like he cared about that team before two weeks ago." [The 700 Level]

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