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Notches On Roger Clemens' Bedpost Keep Surfacing

If we're to believe the New York Daily News sources (which are to be believed most of the time — unless you're a Sean Avery fan), one of the other women who may or may not have had the Rocket inside them is John Daly's ex-wife, Paulette.

The NYDN says that from "several sources," Clemens and Paulette Dean Daly carried on an affair and he also provided her with financial support when needed. (Not surprising, considering her first husband wasn't known for his financial planning skills.) Daly, of course, had no comment about the alleged affair and merely stated that her and Roger were just friends. (Ed. Note: No word on whether or not he was wearing a shirt.)


One other interesting part of the story is the quote the Daily News gets from attorney Ernest Nargi, the legal expert in the piece, about what advice he'd give to Clemens' lawyer Rusty Hardin:

"If Roger was my client, I'd say, 'Look, let's sit down and find out what's out there. 'How many women are there? A girl a day? Every 15 minutes is one going to materialize from a bar or a trailer?"

Right now, it appears Roger Clemens might actually be the Cookie Guggelman Fleck of baseball.

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