Running back Rudi Johnson had no sooner arrived in Detroit on Monday than he lost his luggage; not at the airport like God intended, but outside of CEO Matt Millen's office in the Detroit Lions locker room. While Johnson was in Millen's office working out details of a one-year deal with the team, he left his bags just outside the door. But when he came out, they were gone. Millen and Johnson searched to no avail, and then thought to check the in-house surveillance camera tape. And the grainy footage revealed that the culprit was none other than Tatum Bell, the man whom Johnson was replacing. Bell was released by the Lions, and evidently figured that he'd take Johnson's luggage as a lovely parting gift.

Per the source, Bell took the bags to the house of a female acquaintance. When confronted on the matter, Bell offered up some cockamamie story that he thought the bags belonged to someone he knew. The girl, however, said that she hadn't seen Bell in several months and he showed up out of the blue and asked her to keep the bags for a while. Johnson has retrieved the bags, and it's our understanding that charges won't be pressed.

This kind of thing never happened with Johnson's previous team. Bengals players will pull a lot of illegal shenanigans, but even they won't stoop to stealing your shirts and underwear. Rudi's Crazy Day In Detroit [Pro Football Talk]