Note To Self: Don't Kiss Any Dudes In Louisville

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This photo is not a snapshot of two inspired basketball players, in the midst of battle, celebrating a victory hard-earned. Nope. This photo is trying to make you gay.

So says, anyway, the readers of the Louisville Courier-Journal, who flooded the paper with protests after seeing the photo last week. (Via the great Romenesko.)

Some of the comments registered by angry, offended and/or baffled readers: "Awful," "an embarrassment," "horrible decision," "poor judgment," "distasteful," "a mystery" and "shame on you."


We're not sure what the heck's going on down there in Louisville; we missed the part of that picture in which the other guy lovingly caressed the testicles of the other, and then sauntered off for a jaunt to Key West. Where they had sex ... even though they're dudes!

Flurry Over A Photo Prompts Explanation [Louisville Courier-Journal]