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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Notes, Errata, And A Tip Of The Hat To Hat Guy

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A few final notes, before we disappear back to our mothers' basements where we belong:

Ordinarily, this would be a moment for KT and Junior to tell you all to watch the new season of Parks and Recreation, a TV show we work for. This year, however, the show will be a mid-season replacement, and currently has no definite premiere date, so...go back and watch old episodes on Hulu, or something, until the new season begins. Go. Literally, go right now and do that. dak has recently written for Workaholics on Comedy Central, which will air early 2011.


More importantly: While our blog was operational, no one took our haughty, stat-obsessed abuse harder than Mike Celizic of Not Plaschke, not Cowherd, not Joe Morgan himself — no one. We absolutely hammered the guy. Last year — as he himself wrote about elegantly — Celizic was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma (not long after beating prostate cancer, no less) and sadly passed away today at age 61.

A few months before we shut down our blog for good, Mike Celizic emailed us. Because he specifically requested that the message not be reprinted, we will only say that it was the kindest, warmest email we have ever received from someone we'd berated repeatedly in print. We heard from many of our frequent targets over the years, and most if not all were incredibly good sports, but Celizic was by far the best sport — he was gracious and friendly and, well, lovely, and it made us like him as much as he liked the hot fudge sundaes he constantly used in food metaphors.

To honor Mike Celizic — and also, you know, just to help cure cancer — FJM urges you to make a donation to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. That's right, The Jimmy Fund. What do you want — we're Red Sox fans. If your hatred for the Red Sox overwhelms your love of beating diseases, here's the site for Sloan-Kettering.

If you make a donation to either of these fine institutions (or another of your choice) in Mike Celizic's name, FJM will match your donations, up to $5,000. Just have a copy of the receipt sent to

So, first go do that, then do the Hulu thing.

And as far as the constant, looming threat of bad sportswriting goes:

We urge you, today, to go about your normal lives — go to a movie, go shopping. But be vigilant. Watch for suspicious references to "knowing how to win," "scrappiness," and "True Yankees." Keep an eye out for Cy Young votes given to pitchers with inflated win totals, and bad jokes about funny-sounding stats. Because our battle has just begun, friends.


Our battle...

Has j...