At the end of a rally against Cameron Norrie, Djokovic hit a lob shot which he knew the Brit, ranked No. 13 in the world, would smash, and end the point. Like every tennis player does, Djokovic turns his back on the play in the middle of the court and starts to walk away. Quite the tactic from the world’s best to give up. And to make things more interesting, Norrie finishes the point by following the ball, and connecting with his smash, only for it to connect with Djokovic’s left thigh. It’s an automatic point for Norrie, but beyond that, Djokovic was furious that a tennis ball hit him on a tennis court with his back turned. I’d say someone pissed in his Lucky Charms this morning, but with his attitude, he probably likes the taste of golden cereal. And that’s not what Honey Nut Cheerios really means.

Djokovic looks back at Norrie, who immediately apologized because he didn’t see the world’s No. 1 until after he hit the ball into his leg like the Brit killed his sister. “How dare you touch the leg of Novak Julio Ricardo Inigo Montoya Tommy de la Rosa Ramírez Djokovic?” Yeah, that was his first thought. Djokovic expanded on his death stare at Norrie as just an overall reflection of his on-court attitude. Of course in a world where Djokovic is minorly inconvenienced, it’s everyone else’s fault. What a sack of shit that guy is.