Novak Djokovic Is Yammering About Telepathy

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In July, after ending a mysterious slump and winning his first grand slam title in two years, Novak Djokovic split up with his hug-loving spiritual guru, Pepe Imaz. However, Djokovic seems to have retained a lot of Imaz’s teachings, like those about the power of telepathy and telekinesis and the limitations of the human mind and such.


In a bizarre profile published by UK free weekly ShortList, Djokovic talks about his upcoming documentary series called Transcendence – Live Life Beyond The Ordinary and delves into some of these beliefs. He said:

“You have this thing called telepathy, right?” he says, “Or this thing called telekinesis, or instinct, intuition. I feel like [these] are the gifts from this higher order, the source, the god, whatever, that allows us to understand the higher power and higher order in ourselves. We have the power to programme our subconscious. To me, [the word transcendence] is about transcending from a kind of a lower physical vibration to a higher vibration of understanding who we really are.”

That sounds familiar! Here’s an excerpt from Imaz’s personal page:

Human beings have infinite capacities and skills, the problem is that our mind limits us. Telepathy, telekinesis and many more things are all possible. The problem is that we have never been helped to develop these skills, on the contrary we have been made to believe that these things are impossible.

In the profile, Djokovic also explained the higher order and how people should strive to raise the vibration of the planet...or something.

“I believe that it is our mission to reach a higher frequency through self-care by exploring and respecting our own avatar, our body and, by doing that, raising the vibration of the planet,” he laughs while also being deadly serious.

If you have no idea what he is talking about, then he is talking to you. “We need to understand that we are connected on more levels than only on the physical,” he explains. “We are connected with each other, with nature, with Earth, with the universe… in an energetical, higher vibrational sense. However you want to comprehend it, I feel like there is a higher order that created all this and all of us and we just have help that we are receiving.”


Look, maybe Djokovic has some zany spiritual ideas, but they’re no weirder than any other religion. (I mean, a guy was killed on a cross for the world’s sins but then came back to life, and also really cares about the outcomes of sporting events? Come on.) I, for one, am happy Djokovic has found peace and happiness and will definitely not regret saying this when he thanks Xenu in a future grand slam trophy ceremony speech.

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